The Issues

Let's Talk Infrastructure

We can fund roads without a tax increase.  Right now we allocate $9.6M per year for infrastructure and we need to be at $22M.  Each year the City has a surplus (currently used for one-time projects).  When the tax increase ballot initiative did not pass, the City used one-time funds to pay for the next two years or so.  I would recommend allocating a large percentage (or dollar amount) of the surplus each year to infrastructure before one-time projects.

Traffic... And Smart Growth

Colorado is growing.  Arvada is growing.

Arvada is amazing, we are proud of our City and we like that people want to live here.  Until we have hover craft though, we need to plan for all of the associated challenges that come with growth... including that morning commute... school drop off zones and let's throw a train coming through on 80th at the same time.  We need to widen streets and intersections before we build hundreds of homes.  Long term planning is essential to the success of Arvada.

Homeless in Arvada

I would like to bring non-profit organizations that serve the homeless residents together with City staff, the County, the Police Department and all other organizations that help the homeless population to address the needs in our City. I think together this coalition of leaders could find a solution and help get our homeless residents back to work, and back in housing. It is likely that the ultimate solution is a combination of more affordable housing, better coordinated support of services and the creation of supportive housing in order to address the needs of the chronically homeless.

What About That $30 Land Deal?

There has to be more to it than that, right?  Right.  This column is going to be a bit longer than the others... The commercial value in an unimproved condition is approximately $4.4 million dollars.   The value does not account for the costs associated with site preparation or construction of improvements that are needed to make the site marketable.   

  • There is a 35-foot hill on the north side of the site. A cost of $13 million will be invested in excavating into the hill, building retaining walls, and developing a two level parking garage on the site. The project requires no surface parking for residential.  The proposed development includes four levels of housing above a two level parking garage. 
  • This $13 million parking garage equates to $51,000 per residential unit for the 256 unit residential building – twice the cost of any other residential project in Arvada.
  • There is an existing 6 foot storm sewer line that runs diagonally through the south side of the property. Building structures cannot be built on top of the line, making a good portion of the property unusable and the site difficult to build upon, which makes the property less valuable.  It is estimated that it will cost up to $1 million to relocate the storm sewer line. It hasn’t been determined whether the grade of the site will even allow for the relocation. 
  • Wadsworth Bypass is owned by CDOT, and they have a 100-150 foot right-of-way on the east side of both the north and south sites, further reducing the developable property. 
  • Due to these property constraints, the site’s water detention has to be constructed under the residential building, which is extremely expensive.  

Bottom line, maybe AURA should have sold the land for $4.4 Million and then given the developer concessions for some of the cost to make the land developable... but I know some of the people that serve on the AURA Board of Directors, they are incredibly smart and have Arvada's best interest in mind.  They wouldn't "give land away".  

The proposed project will have 256 residential units and up to 40,000 square feet of retail. The project will provide housing, employment and transportation alternatives not currently available in the area or elsewhere within the community.  Financially, the development will produce approximately $43.6 million in sales and property tax over the next 15 years. AURA is rebating sales and property taxes generated only from the project to Trammell Crow of $13.5 million  to help offset the public improvements necessary to develop the land.  More info here: 

Affordable Housing

I have knocked on thousands of doors since I started campaigning and the number one issue I hear at the door is "affordable/attainable housing".  

Developers stopped building condos because of the Construction Defects legislation.  They are building apartment buildings instead.  Before this Construction Defects debacle, 75% of construction was single family homes, 25% multi family homes (apartments and condos).  Now 45% of construction is single family homes, 55% multi family homes (of this 55% - only 3% are condos)

In a healthy affordable marketplace, we need to build 25% condos

In the last five years rents have gone up 19% while the average wage of people living in those rentals have gone up less than 2%. 

The Arvada Housing Authority utilizes federal housing funds to create affordable housing opportunities throughout the community. For example, the Housing Authority worked with financing resources to buy the Marcella Manor apartment building in order to keep over 250 units available for low income senior housing. I will support additional partnerships of this kind in order to create similar opportunities.  

Your Voice Matters

This is one of the biggest reasons I am running for City to Council. I had a seat at the table for six years when I was the Chamber of Commerce President here in Arvada. As soon as I left that position, and left the table, I was no longer “in the know”. 

In business, I facilitate Strategic Plan sessions for organizations. I would use that same approach with our community. I would like to see quarterly meetings throughout the City that bring together stakeholders (our residents – yes completely open to the public, city staff, elected officials from City, County and State, police and fire) with four topics at each meeting. I would invite people to come with their greatest, most innovative and creative ideas, for how to solve problems and improve Arvada, making it the most incredible City in the world.  

We can put together an Arvada app where you can find information, provide input, answer surveys, receive push notifications, etc. 

We can implement email touch points, phone calls and good old fashioned one on one conversations.

Your voice matters and I want to hear from you.